Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning is a 1 hour service which consists of deep scaling of the teeth, removal of tartar buildup, cleaning of the gums, brushing, and a full dental review. The treatment involves removing the bacterial substance known as plaque, which is the principal cause of periodontal disease and calculus, which is an accumulation of hard deposits on the tooth above or below the gingival margin.

The treatment involves scaling which uses sharp hand instruments to remove calculus, plaque, and bacteria; curettage which scrapes any necrotic(dead) tissue and cleans the area or pocket, and root planing which smooths and contours the root surface to remove the debris and cementum found in the periodontal pocket. A special mouth rinse to help controlling the growth of bacteria may be part of the service.

We follow a holistic approach of Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning and therefore do not use antibiotics, anesthesia, or pain medication of any kind. In following a holistic approach your dog’s comfort and happiness during the procedure is of high priority to us – therefore we ensure to take our time and move forward at a pace that is comfortable for your pet.

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