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Academy Outline

Breed groups

AKC Groups
- Sporting, hounds, working dogs, terriers, toys, non-
sporting, herding, miscellaneous class
- Understanding “breed clips”

Coat types
• Short smooth coat, short coat, double coat, drop/silky
coat, wire coat, curly and wavy coat, corded coat
• Basic facts and maintenance
• Functions of the coat
- Hot and cold weather, shaving double coated dogs

Dog anatomy
• Basic dog anatomy, proper terms (diagrams) done
• Nails (diagrams)
• Anal glad expression
- What are they and how too
• Types of ears
- Clippered, natural, combination, long and flowing,
- Ear safety
• Types of tails
- Carrot, docked, flag, plume, pom pom
• Types of feet
- Natural (cat’s foot), Beveled, Round, clippered, clean
• Types of faces
- Clean, rectangular (bearded), teddy bear, natural, tied
up topknots
• Range of motion
- Manual manipulation

Grooming tools
• Combs
• Brushes
- Slicker, pin, rubber curry
- Brush burn, what is it, how to avoid it
• Nail Trimmer and grinder
• Rakes
• hemostats

Blade/clipper theory
• Blades (chart)
• Guard/clip combs (chart)
• Clipper maintenance
• Blade maintenance
- Sharpening, cleaning/disinfecting

Bathing & drying
• Proper bathing technique
• Deshedding baths
• Proper drying techniques
- Sectioning your dog
- Dryer power
- When to use velocity, fluff and kennel dryer

Starting a “grooming routine”
• Time management
• The Pre clip
- Clipping nails, shaving sanitary, paw pads, armpits
- Dematting ( brushing out mats, shaving down
body/rough in clip)
- Cleaning/plucking ears